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1993 Honda Accord Timing Balancer Belt Tension Adjustment

The following procedures outlines detail instruction on how to adjust the 1993 Honda Accord Timing Balancer Belt Tension.

Precautions: Always adjust timing belt tension with the engine cold; Tensioner is spring-loaded to apply proper tension to the belt automatically after making the following adjustment; Inspect the timing balancer belt before belt tension adjusting; Do not loosen the adjusting nut more than one full turn.

Honda Accord Timing Balancer Belt

  1. Disconnect the alternator terminal and the connector, then remove the engine wire harness from the valve cover.
  2. Remove the valve cover.
  3. Set the No.1 piston at TDC.
  4. Loosen the adjusting nut 2/3-1 turn, then tighten the adjusting nut.
  5. Rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise 3-teeth on the camshaft pulley, then reloosen the adjusting nut to create on the timing belt.
  6. Tighten the adjusting nut.
  7. If the pulley bolt loosens while turning the crank, retorque it to 220 N.m (22.0 kg-m, 159 lb-ft).


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