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1997 Honda CR-V Ignition Timing Inspection and Setting

Below instruction outlines detail inspection and setting procedures for 1997 Honda CR-V Ignition Timing. First thing to do is to check the idle speed, pull out the service check connector 2P (BRN and BLK wires) from the connector holder located under the dash on the front passenger side, then connect the SCS service connector to it. Start the engine. Hold the engine at 3,000 rpm with no load until the radiator fan comes on, then let it idle. Connect the timing light to the no. ignition wire, then point the light toward the pointer on the timing belt cover.

Honda CR-V Ignition Timing

Check the ignition timing in on load conditions: headlights, blower fan, rear window defogger, and air conditioner are not operating. The ignition timing for manual transmission is 16°± 2°BTDC (RED) indling in neutral, and 16°± 2°BTDC idling in N or P for automatic transmission system. If necessary, adjust the ignition timing as follows: Loosen the distributor mounting bolts, and turn the distributor ignition (DI) house counterclockwise to advance the timing or clockwise to retard the timing. Tighten the distributor mounting bolts, and recheck the ignition timing. Disconnect the SCS service connector from the service check connector.


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