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How to Check and Inspect Fiat Punto Electrical System

To check and inspect the Fiat Punto Electrical System, do the following:

  1. Check all external lights and the horn.
  2. Visually check all accessible wiring connectors, harness and retaining clips for security, and for signs of damage.
  3. If a single indicator light, stop-light or headlight has failed. It is likely that a bulb has blown and will need to be replaced. If both stop-light have failed, it is possible that the switch has failed.
  4. If more than one indicator light or tail light has failed it is likely that either a fuse has blown or that there is a fault in the circuit. The fuse are located behind the oddments tray. First unscrew the two screws and swivel the tray down.
  5. To replace a blown fuse, simply pull it out using the special plastic tool and fit new fuse of the correct rating. If the fuse blown again, it is important that you bring the car to the authorized Fiat dealer.

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