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How to Remove Cylinder Head Toyota Corolla E11

To remove the Toyota Corolla E11 cylinder head, do the following:

  1. Drain the coolant from the engine block and radiator.
  2. Drain the engine oil and remove the oil filter.
  3. Remove the throttle body, fuel injectors, fuel rail, intake and exhaust manifolds.
  4. (For non-VVT-i engines) Remove the timing belt and camshaft sprocket. Remove the alternator and distributor (1.6 litre engine only). Unbolt the power steering pump and set the pump aside without disconnecting the hoses. Remove the coolant junctions from each end of the cylinder head.
  5. (For VVT-i engines) Remove the timing chain. Undo the bolt and withdraw the VVT-i oil control valve from the cylinder head.
  6. Remove the camshafts and followers.
  7. Label and remove any remaining items, such as coolant fittings, tubes, cables, hoses or wires.
  8. Using an 8 mm Allen key bit (Non-VVT-i engines) or an M12 bi-hexagon bit (VVT-i engines), loosen the cylinder head bolts in 1/4-turn increments until they can be removed by hand. Loosen the cylinder head bolts in the reverse of the recommended tightening sequence to avoid warping or cracking the cylinder head. Recover the washers.
  9. Lift the cylinder head off the engine block. If it’s stuck, very carefully pry up at the transmission end, beyond the gasket surface.
  10. Remove all external components from the cylinder head to allow for thorough cleaning and inspection.

Note: The engine must be completely cool before beginning this procedure.


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