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BMW 318i Radiator and Cooling System Faults Troubleshooting

BMW 318i Radiator Cooling System Most radiator and cooling system faults on 1992 BMW 318i can be grouped into one of three categories:
> Cooling system leaks
> Poor coolant circulation
> Radiator cooling fan faults

When investigating the cause of overheating or coolant loss, begin with a visual inspection. Be sure to check the condition and tension of the coolant pump drive belt. Check hoses for cracks of softness. Check clamps for looseness. Check the coolant level and check for evidence of coolant leaks from the engine.

Check that the radiator fins are not blocked with dirt or debris. Clean the radiator using low-pressure water or compressed air. Blow outward, from the engine side out.

Inspect the coolant pump by first removing the drive belt from the pump. Firmly grasp opposite sides of the pulley and check for play in all directions. Spin the pulley and check that the shaft run smoothly


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