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How to Check the Automatic Transaxle Fluid Level in Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage transaxle fluid level should be checked at regular intervals. The following steps explain how to check the automatic transaxle fluid level in Kia Sportage:

  1. Place the car on level ground with parking brake applied. Place the selector lever in Neutral (N) position and ensure the engine is operating at normal idle speed.
  2. When the transaxle is already warmed up sufficiently with fluid temperature of 70~80 °C (158~176 °F), equivalent to about to 10 minutes of usual driving, shift the selector lever through all positions then place the lever in Neutral (N) or Park (P) position.
  3. Confirm fluid level is in “HOT” range on the level gauge. If the fluid level is lower, add the specified fluid from the fill hole. If the fluid level is higher, drain the fluid from the drain hole.
  4. In condition where the fluid level is checked in cold temperature (fluid temperature 20~30 °C (68~86 °F)), add particular fluid to “COLD” line and recheck the fluid level following the above step 2.

Check the Automatic Transaxle Fluid Level in Kia Sportage

The transaxle fluid level should be checked when engine is at normal running temperature. Engine, radiator, radiator hose and exhaust are very hot. Take extra care to avoid burning.

Low fluid level causes transaxle slippage. Overfilling can cause loss of foaming, fluid, and transaxle malfunction. Use of non-specified fluid could result in malfunction and failure.

Parking brake is activated to avoid sudden movement of the vehicle. Apply parking brake and depress the brake pedal before moving the shift lever.

“COLD” scale is for reference only and should NOT be used to determine transaxle fluid level.

New automatic transaxle fluid should be red. The red dye is not an indicator of quality and is not permanent. It will look darker and may change to light brown as vehicle is driven.


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